Sporting and Events Packages
We've got game!
CONCIERGE GOLD offers several different kinds of packages in the USA including but not limited to:
Tickets to many professional sporting events, many of which have some sort of VIP access. Golfing access on some of the most sought after Golf Courses in the country. Specially themed events like "Dinner in a Field" or "On a Beach". Whatever you can dream up, we can make a reality.

Looking to see your favorite team or event? Want to get up close and personal with great seats and access? We will help take care of all of the details, and put together a custom package that best suits your needs. We will do all the arranging for your favorite event with our Concierge Gold service.
Popular Events in the USA:
Professional Football, Professional Basketball, Professional Hockey, Professional Baseball, NASCAR, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, and much much more
Golf Packages at some of the most sought after Golf Courses in the country. We also provide Golf Packages to Professional Tournaments as well.
Access to some of the greatest Tennis events in the country
A very special dinner in a field, on a beach, or in the desert
Hear & feel the speed at a NASCAR race as cars traverse the track at over an average speed of 150 MPH
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