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Applying to top universities abroad you are competing with the strongest students from around the world. According to statistics, less than 10% of the entrants can pass the entrance exam, which shows how competitive this process is.

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MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Type of educational establishment: Non-state
City: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Year of foundation: 1861
Address: 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is one of the most authoritative technical universities in the world, and the leader of the multiple ratings. The MIT Mission - is specialists training in area of natural and technical sciences, who will advance the progress, creating the 21st century face.
The History

The University was founded in 1861, in response to the needs of a changing society. MIT founder, geologist and physicist, William Burton Rogers, was sure, that the classical education in new conditions, was not able to prepare the right specialists. MIT has to become a new type of university, based on the principle of useful knowledge. Necessity of learning, through action and the integration, of applied and human sciences. The philosophy of MIT is reflected in his slogan "Mens et Manus" ("Head and Hands").

During the Second World War, scientists and researchers worked in MIT, whose actively helped the military, and made a great contribution innto the science developing . The Academic reputation of the university was strengthened, and, in postwar years the university began to receive strong state support, including financial. Laboratories received the best equipment, the number of employees grew, and, the focus shifted from students to graduate students. From the educational institution, - MIT, had become, a major scientific center, and since then, has been holding position of the one of the best technical universities in the world.

The famous graduates: the first pilot, who during one day, crossed the US territory - James Doolittle; the astronauts - Edwin Aldrin and David Scott; the economist and president of the US Federal Reserve - Ben Bernanke; Prime Minister of Israeli - Benjamin Netanyahu; co-founder of Hewlett-Packard Company - William Hewlett; general secretary UNO - Kofi Annan; missile specialist , engineer and writer - Steve Altes; pioneer in sphare of the mobile robots development and iRobot founder - Colin Engle; network architect and engineer - Robert Metcalf; linguist - Naom Chomsky; CIA director - John Deich; as a huge number of inventors as well a statesmen and scientists with a world reputation, including many Nobel Prize winners in physics, chemistry and economics. MIT doesn't adjudge the diplomas, as an honorary degree, as a many other universities do. The exception is one rare case - on the other side of the Atlantic, at the Royal Military School in Sandhurst Winston Churchill had such a degree, although the British Prime Minister was not educating at MIT.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is one of the most authoritative technical universities in the world, and the leader of the multiple ratings. The MIT Mission - is specialists training in area of natural and technical sciences, who will advance the progress, creating the 21st century face.

Stanford University
Type of educational institution: Non-state
City: Stanford, California, USA
Year of foundation: 1891
Address: 295 Galvez Street, Stanford, California 94305
Web site:

One of the most prestigious universities in the world is next to Palo-Palto, the heart of Silicon Valley. It's an educational establishment, which diplomas are very highly - rating everywhere in the world. And it's also the meeting point for those who are already creating startups and very soon will determine the development of the high-tech industry. In addition, Stanford is one of the world's research centers, and from all over the world come here for the degree - not only MBA, but, also PhD.

The History

The university was founded in 1891, by the railroad tycoon - businessman , who became Governor of California and Senator, - Leland Stanford. The university was named after his son, who had died at the age of 15. Hence, the full name of the university - Leland Stanford Junior University (University of Leland Stanford Jr.). Deprived, of his beloved son, Stanford Sr. and his wife decided to set up a "second Harvard" on the West Coast of the US: Leland Stanford Sr. dreamed, that in this way, California's children would become of their children.

In the middle of the 20th century, the Stanford Industrial Park began to form around the university. At that time, Stanford was experiencing serious financial difficulties. The university owned a huge lands, but according to the the will of the founder, they couldn't be sold, but nothing was said about the lease in it. Thus, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Frederick Terman, suggested to pass the lands for rent, but not for any company, only for high-tech. As a result , university received a new source of funding, and, at the same time solved the problem of graduates' employment. That was the Silicon Valley foundation, and a strong alliance between the university's research laboratories and the business of high-tech .

Harvard University
Type of educational institution: Non-state
City: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Year of foundation: 1636
Address: Harvard University Cambridge, MA 02138
Web site:

The most famous, the most oldest, the most richest and the most prestigious, American university Harvard is in the Ivy League, and all careerists dreaming it from a childhood. Harvard diploma is a pass to the high life society and to the elite any virtually area.

The History

The Harvard University was founded in 1636, - just only 16 years after, when the first English colonists appeared to the American land. Harvard is the oldest higher educational establishment in the United States. The university formed, based on the model of English universities, where the main subjects were - philosophical disciplines. In Harvard College, in the first years, was only one educator and nine students. Mainly, have been studied the biblical texts, languages - primarily Latin, and mathematics. At the beginning of XIX century, Harvard had started to educate jurisprudence and medicine. Gradually, Harvard College, successfully, has become a large university with a rich academic and scientific base.

Harvard University received its name in honor from its first Maecenas, John Harvard, who bequeathed to his college his library and half of his estate. Today, the monument to John Harvard is adorned by the university campus. Students believe in rubbing the shoe, then all exams will be passed on the "excellent".

University of Caltech
Type of educational institution: Non-state
City: Pasadena, California, USA
Year of foundation: 1891
Web site:

California Technology Institute, or simply Caltech, always ranks first place in a ''top ten'' of the world research universities, and competes with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the right to qualify as a best Technical University on the planet.

The History

Caltech was founded in 1891, by local entrepreneur and philanthropist, Amos Trupom, and first was named - Technology University of Trup. In fact, at that time, it wasn't a university, but a vocational school, and it was far from status of prestigious educational establishment .

Everything changed in 1907, when an astronomer, named George Hale, arrived in Pasadena, a small town in vicinity of Los Angeles. He became director of the local observatory and decided that a small Pasadin, could well become the center of US scientific thought. At that years, America wasn't among scientific research leaders , but Hale saw a huge development potential . George Hale managed attract patrons, on whose money the plots of land were bought and laboratories were built.

Thanks to same Hale, - the chemist Arthur Nois and the physicist Robert Milliken arrived Caltech. In early 20th century, they were very high-profile names in science. Both of scientists became professors in Caltech , and in 1923 , Millikan earned the Nobel Prize in Physics, which is only added points to university. Fame Caltech was growing up , the university expanded, new faculties appeared, including geological, biological and aeronautics faculties. And since that, from an ordinary technical school Caltech was totally transformed into respected research center and prestigious university, remaining same ...

Caltech intenders for those who are seriously interested in science. But for experts, list of graduates Kaltekh - practically a history of modern American and world science. Among Caltech graduates - programming ideologist and "father" of analysis algorithms - Donald Knuth, ''Intel'' founder - Gordon Moore, astronaut - Harrison Schmitt, and 18 Nobel Prize winners. Kalteh - workplace of main characters popular's serial "The Big Bang Theory."

Type of educational institution: Non-state
City: Ithaca, New York, USA
Year of foundation: 1865
Web site:

One of the most famous universities in the USA - Cornell is a part of prestigious ''Ivy League'' , and is known as the ''forge of talent ". Cornell University Diploma is a solid Name in a resume with let-pass for the world great career ' .

The History

University was founded in 1865. Its founders were an entrepreneur and one of telegraph industry founders, inventor and philanthropist - Ezra Cornell , and a historian and diplomat - Andrew White. According to their idea, an university had to become the first, truly American higher educational esteblishment, aimed at transferring practical knowledges.

Founders Idea were realized, and very soon, the university received the fame of university, where scientific innovations can be applied in practice. Beginning of the Second World War, when many universities were recession experiencing , Cornell met with a sharp increase number of students, - there were about 20,000, almost as many as now. To satisfy a such craving for knowledge, the faculty was enlarged, and orientation on a practice in wartime conditions, gave the university a push for rapid growth and development.

Cornell University ammounts of many achievements from category "the very first." Cornell became the first university in the world, where were started awards journalism degrees in, and first university in the United States, where "Americanistics" specialization began to taught. University was also a pioneer in teaching of modern languages Far East and today occupies a leading position in studying programs of Chinese language .

In 2004, Cornell opened a medical school in Doha, the capital of Qatar. And this became a first American school of medicine outside the United States.

Famous graduates

Hotelier Andre Balazs, poetess Diana Akerman, CEO of Autodesk Carl Bass, president of insurance company Aetna Mark Bertolini, author of books and management expert Ken Blanchard.

Type of educational institution: State
City: Berkeley, California, USA
Year of foundation: 1868
Web site:

University with private parking for Nobel Prize winners. ) Berkeley is famous as one of the best world universities for physicists training , economists, and specialists of high-tech. Highly appreciate Haas business school diplomas , and the university itself always occupies the top lines in the ratings.

The University of Berkeley concedes in age not only European universities, but also, an educational of East Coast of the United States. A story of American,often called "Wild" West, is completely different. A local universities were founded not by first settlers from the Old World, but by Americans, who discover new regions for themselves. Berkeley was founded in 1868 at the height of the Gold Rush. Now Berkeley University is a part of the system of state California universities, uniting 10 universities. In 19th century , Berkeley was first and only one university in newly educated state. By that time, there was already a private California College (College of California) and the State College of Agriculture, Mining, and Mechanical Arts (Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College). By merging of these educational institutions was formed as the University of Berkeley

The History

At the beginning of the 20th century, a new president of the university was able to attract a new teachers to university, and also provided funding for scientific research and scholarships. By the middle of the century, Berkeley was known in the world as a major research center. During the Second World War, research was conducted on creation of an atomic bomb. In the 1960s, the university was at center of student unrest, and although, intensity of political activity had long since subsided, the University of Berkeley is still famous for its liberal atmosphere and pacifist sentiments. The town of Berkeley itself is known as thr City of Learning.

Columbia University
Type of educational institution: Non-state
City: New York, USA
Year of foundation: 1754
Web site:

Prestigious US universities are often located in small student campuses, where temptations of metropolis don't distract from study. Colombia is an exception. This university, which is part of the Ivy League, is based in Manhattan, New York, so graduates have a unique opportunity to storm Wall Street and a companie Big Apple .

Prestigious US universities are often located in small student campuses, where temptations of metropolis don't distract from study. An exception is Colombia University, which is part of the Ivy League. It's based on Manhattan, New York, so a graduates have an unique opportunity to storm Wall Street and a companies Big Apple.

The History

The University was founded in 1754, by the charter of English King George II. It's an oldest university in New York State, and fifth in USA. Representatives of different cities and religious groups vied for the right to acquire a new educational institution. As a result, New York and Anglican Church won, but in the end, it was decided to found the university on a principle religion freedom .

It all began with Royal College (Kings College), which grew up in bachelor's degree and seven students, who were trained as leaders of new state. In 1767, the University had a medical faculty, and university was the first in the US, where the doctorate in medicine was an awarding

War of Independence suspended growth and development of university. Classes were suspended, but the first students contributed branch to the United States from Great Britain. Author of the final version of the United States Constitution, Governer Morris, and Robert Livingston , one of the five people, who worked on the text of the Declaration of Independence, - were graduates of King's College.

After war, the university again opened its doors, but under a new name - Columbia College. Colombia is a female image, that personified United States after revolution. Such a name was chosen for reason: although, historically, the university was colonial, - ideas of patriotism, freedom and novelty that existed in American society after adoption of the Independence Declaration, were close . Columbia College also became the first university in country, where students didn't live on campus, as was customary at collegiate universities in England which were created according to American universities model , - but at home or in a rented apartment in city .

At the end of 19th century, in country, Faculty of Law and a first mining faculty was appeared , which then grew into Engineering Faculty and Applied Science (Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science). In 1987, first in the university history, at Mining Faculty was awarded doctoral degree (PhD) . Columbia College has received the status of a university and established itself as an educational institution with a strong postgraduate studies and master's .

In first half of the 20th century, School of Journalism , School of International and Public Affairs appeared. Both directions are among the priority at Columbia University. Later they were joined by Faculty of Arts and Business Schools.

Type of educational institution: Non-state
City: Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Year of foundation: 1736
Web site:

The University, part of prestigious the ''Ivy League''. Princeton is famous for its programs in humanitarian and exact sciences. Princeton is an alma - mater of many famous politicians, businessmen and scientists, including the mathematician and Nobel Prize winner in economicJohn Nash, whom people, who far from science, know as a hero of "Mind Games" movie .

The History

The University was founded in 1736, becaming the fourth college of British colonies in North America, following Harvard, Yale and the University of Pennsylvania. Then Princeton was called the College of New Jersey. And in early years, university of Princeton resembled English colleges, focusing on a classical education.

Everything changed in 1768, when John Witherspoon became president of university . New head of university completely changed college principles : in his opinion, university had to prepare new leaders for new American nation. Education standards were revised of tightening direction , and in parallel, - university president was attracting investments to the educational institution. Princeton started flourishing. Many of its graduates were participants in the Constitutional Convention of 1787, at which was discussed a creation of US Constitution . And the under of another, important in history, document of United States - the Independence Declaration - John Witherspoon had signatured by personally himself

Status of the University College of New Jersey acquired only in 1896, due to proposed programs expansion . Then, university was officially renamed the Princeton University by the city name , which its campus was located on. Four years later, Princeton founded post-graduate school, where Master's and Doctor's degrees awarding .

Status of the University College of New Jersey acquired only in 1896, due to proposed programs expansion. Then, university was officially renamed the Princeton University by the city name , which its campus was located on. Four years later, Princeton founded a post-graduate school, where Master's and Doctor's degrees were awarded.

In the early twentieth century, the President Princeton, was his graduate - Woodrow Wilson, who later became president of the United States. He did much for development of his alma - mater, in particular, he introduced a system of seminars and colliques, which made traditional educational process, built on lectures more individual in relation to each student. It is believed that it's thank to Wilson Princeton authority that he has today.

In the early twentieth century, the President Princeton was his graduate - Woodrow Wilson, who later became president of the United States. He did much for development of his alma - mater, in particular, he introduced a system of seminars and colliques, which made traditional educational process, built on lectures more individual in relation to each student. It is believed, that it's thanks to Wilson, Princeton owes thet that has its authority today.

Type of educational institution: Non-state
City: New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Year of foundation: 1701
Web site:

One of the oldest American universities, Yale is in prestigious the ''Ivy League'', which consists of eight most respected universities in the northeast of the United States. Yale, Harvard and Princeton are the "Big Three", to which all young careerists dream. Yale is considered a forge of humanitarians, but the university has a large selection of natural science programs and excellent conditions for engaging in science. In addition, Yale and especially bachelor's programs are attractive in that they allow a certain category of students to obtain diploma of prestigious university for free.

The History

Yale University was founded in 1701, but its history dates back to the middle of the 17th century, when Puritan priests, who arrived in New England, tried to found a college modeled on European universities. According to their idea, educational institution in the New World was to inherit a best educational traditions of the ancient world and medieval Europe. From Ancient Greece and Rome, American colleges had to take the principle of liberal education , which implied personality comprehensive development. And from the oldest English universities, Oxford and Cambridge, a collegial structure, that is, a college dormitory, where students not only study together but also live and communicate during extracurricular time.

It's on such principles Harvard was founded, the oldest university in the United States. Now this prestigious educational institution and Yel's eternal rival, but at beginning of the XVIII century priests, who were took care of formation of Americans though , seemed university was laying wrong foundations and instead of inculcating virtues, - plants false principles, develops pride and creates unhealth competition.

In 1701, the learned men, including Harvard graduates, and priests, finally got the right to correct mistake, and create a new university, which became Yelem. At first , it was called the Collegiate School, and its current name was received only in 1717 , in honor of British merchant and entrepreneur Elihu Yel, who donated books and money for the college development

It was never easy to study in Yale. At first, the official college language, where teaching was conducted, was Latin, - and all students had to communicate in dead language even outside classrooms . Later it was changed by English, but before 1931, all the students of Yale, regardless of specialization, were obliged to study Latin without fail.

Today, Yale is among the top ten universities in the world according to various ratings, and Yale's diploma is a let-pass to the highest spheres in almost every industry.

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