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We offer special and unique travel experiences across the USA. You will partake in great sightseeing opportunities, meet interesting people, and we will create for you an unforgettable experience.
Our company works with professional business coaches and
we'll take full responsibility for planning all details of your trip.
Choose your Experience
Plan a visit over a long holiday or a historical journey, - brought us to the different interesting people. Many people have joined us already for tours. Come take a look at our packages and join us today for a one in a lifetime experience.

You will drive across sunny California in a cabriolet vehicle , stroll along the stars of Hollywood, take a walk in Death Valley, see the action in a Casino in Las Vegas, take in the sunrise from a bird's eye view over the Grand Canyon, or canoeing on the Colorado River etc. You can even visit Nevada5 mines for digging for Gold.
Popular Places:
Los Angeles and Universal Studios

Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon

Santa Fe New Mexico

Colorado River Rafting

Shopping in cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco

A Miami Beach Vacation

Grand Canyon
Majestic beauty combined with spectacular scale, the Grand Canyon will change you. The Grand Canyon is one of the most grandiose places on our planet and is an absolute must see.

Las Vegas
Experience the Casinos, hotels and pools of Las Vegas. Wander out to Red Rock National Park, The Hoover Dam, Lake Meade or make the trek out to see if you can find an Alien at Area 51. Whatever you fancy, Las Vegas has it all. From dinners at 5 star restaurants to $.99 cent shrimp cocktails, there is something for everybody.
The majestic lights from above the world famous Las Vegas Strip
If your looking for something unusual, we can arrange a helicopter tour for viewing the city from above.
The fictional home of Don Johnson and the hit series Miami Vice, Miami Beach is the most famous city on the Atlantic ocean. Golden sands full of glamorous nightlife clubs and restaurants. Spoil yourself with cocktails, cuisine, sunshine and world class shopping. Take a day trip up to Cape Canaveral or drive out on the Intercostal Highway towards the Keys.
Explore Miami from the water by boat excursion
Immerse yourself into the blue oceans waters, touch the gentle sun, or walk along the warm sand.
Visit all of the Islands
Another distinctive feature of Punalu Beach is that there is an aquifer with freshwater right under the ground. According to the legend, during the drought, local Hawaiians dove into the sea with jugs and extracted fresh water from it.
Bahamas is a paradise, attracting tourists from all over the world with it's islands. Unforgettable views, the untouched nature beauties, romantic sunsets, and as well,- the most unforgettable diving . Most uniquely, that You could ever seen, - there is a beach with pink sand - Pink Sands Beach. Which is on an island of the Harbor Island . You will never forget this. Untransferable sensations of the colors, mixed together, in the one place, in the Bahamas.
Make a discovery of the amazing and boundless world of the California state with us. Feel the diversity of the coast and the natural landscapes . Go beyond the ordinary.

California will introduce You the magnificent San Francisco, San Jose - the "Capital of Silicon Valley" , Los Angeles, the blossoming resort San Diego, prestigious hotels in Santa Barbara or Laguna Beach.
Excursions in California are include visiting of many-sided settlements, hidden places and huge cities fills with life from morning till night. They introduce a history and a culture of the state. The beauties of its nature can include both for hiking or bus routes, and for the boat trips along rivers, planes and helicopters.

Start Your relaxing in adult way.

You will be not limited in possibilities and will definitely wish about coming back here again!

The trip of shopping the original branded things. Visit the interesting Big Apple stores, walk around Manhattan and also, on Madison Avenue. Feel the richness and gloss of the world famous 5th Avenue, where are the shops of such brands as ''Fendi'', ''Prada'', ''Bulgari, Gucci'', ''Louis Vuitton'', and some others ones.
City is primarily famous for its abnormal phenomena. It is often observe the UFO here. Here often are observing the objects in the ball form . In addition, residents are sure that nearlly to this place there is a portal to the other worlds . In this city was the famous Dannelie discovery , which happened in 1963. The discovery is also called the "Sedona's whirlwinds".
Usually, such kind of places are surrounded by the many legends. One such of this place in this district is, supposedly, the military base for studying UFOs. Is really unusual here. Landscapes of these places are spectacularly beautiful. On the territory there are extraordinary structures, could hardly had created by the humans. Since ancient times, the Indians living here, considered these places as a sacred. They were conducting the opened rites here and had a connection with the other worlds. The history of Sedona city takes the begining from the end of 19th century. It was in 1876, when the first inhabitants had arrived. They were resisted by the Indian tribes, but at those time, it was the worthless prevent for the US army. For a long time this land wasn't happy for the settlers. And the nature here was living without the accompany of life. However, 20 families who lived here, have used to a city, and ,already, in the beginning of 1900th, the first post station was created here.
Have a look ,with Your own eyes, on Mecca of the World, feel the "time portal ", open Your chakras for testing Your spirit on yoga practices. Involve into the best spiritual practices of the world. Today Sedona is visited by more than 5 million people a year. And More - Now, You mustn't go to Tibet - Find Yourself Here!
Exclusive offer Solomon Mines only for the leading club members !
Owners of Our company are the wild fans of fishing! And , beleive us, the best fishing - is in Alaska. Yes, yes, - Alaska - You are not misinterpreted. Halibut fishing in the open sea is along with a salmon fishing in rivers. Is like a kind of Alaska visiting card. It's possible to meet and observe the whales and killer whales. And if you're lucky, You can see a whales playing, jumping out a water. The bewitching spectacle is an actually charming. Striped whale, speeding under water, with noise and scattering a splashing, flewing out a water and in the air takes a vertical position , showing huge body. Second fade, - and the largest animal on the Earth, falls on a side, causing a real explosion on a water surface, with flying water splashes and foam.
For the local people - fishing is a real cult. Our company owners, once a year, gather an excellent team of fans of first-class fishing. And You can go to Alaska with us. Why to stay at home, - our project allows You to work anywhere in the world, even in Alaska (the Internet checked *.) The group - no more than 10 people, and the best time - is Mid-May. If You wish to find out the unrealistic fishing, and if You are the fan of fishing, as well, as we do, - then contact with a site admin (through Your personal cabinet).
Translation services
You can, also, take an advantage of the interpreter servises. For organizing business tours with the membership in international exhibitions, or for any other business events, and for a private ride accompany. Any type of translations are available - written, spoken, professional, and synchronous translation with equipment. Access is on our web-site.
We provide the service for the any request

s practice shows, the arrival to the destination and departure homation. That's why we advise the te can be the most restless moments of your trip, capable to spoil vacransfer.
Ordering this service in advance:
  • You don't have to wander around the airport after tiring flight, in information searching
  • You will feel more confident and comfortable in an unfamiliar place
  • You will be met acompany with a special sign that says your name, for example
  • You will be not cheated, as a cost of the service is known in advance
  • Our Russian-speaking driver will create comfort atmosphere during the trip, will support with you conversation, if possible, answering for all of the questions interesting you
  • You will be picked up directly from the hotel before and you will arrive to the airport in time
Trust in our accompany and be calm!

Going to another city or just getting from the hotel to the park? Book a transfer, and get rid of unnecessary worries.

This service will allow you to:
  • Save your valuable time on watcing maps and roads, by public transport, or by feet
  • Saving your money at expense of lower prices, in comparison with city taxi services
  • Reach the destination with comfort , enjoying the views of the city or the surrounding area
  • Talking to the Russian-speaking driver, You might know more interesting information about the local life, than you can find in a standard guides

Trust in our accompany and be calm!
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